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Dear Customers,

We value your time and efforts as an orthodontist, finding a niche orthodontics instrument and a right supplier from superpopulated orthodontics supplier list is a bit more difficult these days. Considering the value of your time important we believe buying of Best Class Orthodontics Instruments for orthodontists doesn’t need to be hard, we recently launched our own Online E-commerce Store to provide hustle free buying of Best In Class Orthodontics Instruments for orthodontists safely and securely.

To make ortho class your favorite one-stop shop for hustle free online buying of orthodontics instruments soon we will be bringing hundreds of other orthodontics products to our e-store from around the globe.


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Who are we, how we begin and today

Ortho Class is a family-owned and operated specialized business when we step in manufacturing orthodontics instruments in beginning we started with making few models of orthodontics pliers in our shop as a sub-contractor for many other companies involved in supplying orthodontics instruments but in late 2001 we step in exporting our products rather than supplying to other companies. Producing instruments for 15plus years for other suppliers was not as fruitful business but we never strayed from our roots which are proposed by fairness, dignity, passion and hard work.

Since we start approaching the international market we got to learn more than before because we got to interact directly with you the product users and today after more than one & half decades we stand among reputed manufacturers of the orthodontics industry because the quality and product sustainability are key priorities of the company.

We started Ortho Class with only 3 employees (all our family members) and have successfully grown and now employ 10 plus craftsman personnel. We are a small group of tenacious and persevering craftspeople with the aim to produce orthodontics instruments with niche features.

Our products are used every day all over the world by thousands of orthodontics professionals and prosthetic labs because at Ortho Class every-thing is Best in Class. We use Best-in-Class Materials; Provide Best-in-Class Service. Today we produce the widest range of nearly 170 orthodontics instruments for every orthodontic procedure in 8 different handle designs and three finishes.

How we are different from competitors

Our long product making history, family business and generation to generation transfer of knowledge make us stand out of the competition.

Ortho Class is a specialized company that made its mark by providing high quality and durable instruments to the orthodontics professionals through hard work, determination, engineering experience, unequaled skills and a goal to produce only the best-in-class orthodontics instruments company became a well-known and respected manufacturer within the orthodontics sector. Passion to produce orthodontics instruments is in our DNA and we are the third generation in production.

Ortho Class is like any other manufacturer, with one major difference " We take our commitment, customers and competitors seriously and that's the main difference between us and our competitors. " This is precisely the reason why Ortho Class enjoys an excellent reputation. We are different from others because

At Ortho Class, everything is of Best Class.

Best-in-Class Quality

With decades of experience, we present to you the best of the best in industry. We produce and supply our customers with products they can count on and the quality they expect to receive. For every single product, the emphasis is on Quality, Reliability and Durability.

We learned from our forefathers " Precise and Reliable instruments are the basic of successful treatment " as our ancestors had a vase full of experience of grinding and edge making that helped us a lot, which is indeed a lot more than needed to sharp an orthodontists wire cutter or grinding down the beaks of a light wire pliers which requires years of practices and experience. We are putting Generations Knowledge In Your Hands.

In our effort to achieve the best quality of our products and maximum customer satisfaction Ortho Class got its products approved with European Directive 93/42/EEC, Medical Devices and International Standard ISO 13485 Medical Devices – Quality Management Systems.

This is why we implement quality management on all levels in administration, production and dispatching because 

"Your satisfaction is our first priority"

Best-in-Class Materials

We produce long-lasting and thereby sustainable products through the careful material selection of materials and high-quality manufacturing standards in order to guarantee a high level of client satisfaction.

Best-in-Class Service

Not only we provide the best-in-class quality instruments we bring you uncompromising service as well. Our knowledgeable sales team is 24 hours a day there to answer your questions. Either you reach us by e-mail, on social media by call or on mobile. Our knowledgeable FAQs know the questions matter you most and not only these we made re-ordering easier than ever. You can view orders history, billing, add the product to the wishlist for later orders, see promotions tailored for you right in your account and much, in short, we give the full control over your Ortho Class account.


We produce the widest range of nearly 170 orthodontics instruments for every orthodontic procedure in 8 different handle designs and three finishes.

The Best Prices

The Best Class Orthodontics Instruments are presented at the best price. *We offer price match guarantee.


Integrity - Excellence - Competitive


Ortho Class's mission is to Help Orthodontists in " Making Every Tooth Positioned Aligned for Beautiful Smile " by providing Best Class Orthodontic Instruments that are " RELIABLE, ECONOMICAL & DURABLE "


is not just our motto it is our commitment and we take it seriously because your time is valuable and your expectations from the instruments are high.

Product Folio

Currently, the product portfolio comprises seven main product groups. Cutting Instruments, Bending Instruments, Bonding, De-Bonding Instruments, Hand Instruments, cassettes sterilization and stands. Additionally, we make associated orthodontics products which include cassettes and stands. Ortho Class has a product line of 170 items, uses the direct sales approach and as a manufacturer, we guarantee the best class quality and quick delivery.

The best reason to choose Ortho Class products.

  • Reliable, Economical & Durable.
  • Only Best-in-Class Materials used.
  • Outstanding ergonomic design provides optimum handling and confidence to patients and practitioners.
  • Forever Edge® brazed inserts to instruments that have to meet frequently hard requirements because instruments with tungsten carbide insert cut through hard materials with ease that gives patients relaxing treatment and higher practitioner sanctification.
  • Less frequent replacement of instrument than using competitors product due to best materials used and durable locking system that make sure tips stay aligned that eliminate the chances of joint failures and breakage.
  • Contoured edges for patient and practitioner safety.
  • Instruments are tested by professional orthodontics assistants on the same wires you would use by hand so the only quality test pass product reaches you. So be 100% sure about the quality of our products.
  • Saves your time on cleaning with easy cleaning methods. *All standard sterilization procedures are applicable.
  • Luster polished minimizes corrosion chances.
  • Cover lifetime warranty.
  • Quality and Best Price Guarantee.

* A brief comparison of ortho class products with competitors.

Patient-level benefits.

  • Enhanced safety.
  • The higher level of comfort.
  • Better treatment experience.
  • The Impact of Best Practitioner Service.

Practitioner level benefits.

  • Faster procedures help to produce more patient serving opportunities.
  • Increases productivity and efficiency, comfortably.
  • Better experience.
  • The Out Come; Patient Satisfaction | Beautiful Smile

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