Quick Order

Reordering with Ortho Class is easy.

1. Start by writing name of the product in the PRODUCT column, e.g hard wire cutter. A quick list of all related item will be shown. Select the desired product.

2. Add QTY

Repeat the step 1 and 2 as long as your order list.

3. When finish adding products Press ADD TO CART and Press CART button to proceed for payment. You are done!!!

* One at a time you can order 10 products

** Please write product name spelling correctly, else no product will be shown.

[wcbulkorder] [wcbulkorder_section title="Set 1" category="19"] [wcbulkorder_section title="Set 2" category="20"] [wcbulkorder_section title="Set 3" category="21"] [wcbulkorder_section title="Set 4" category="39"] [wcbulkorder_section title="Set 5" category="40"] [wcbulkorder_section title="Set 6" category="41"] [wcbulkorder_section title="Set 7" category="42"] [wcbulkorder_section title="Set 8" category="43"] [wcbulkorder_section title="Set 9" category="44"] [wcbulkorder_section title="Set 10" category="45"] [/wcbulkorder]