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ART NO. OC 2014


Jarabak Plier is ideal for precise bending of lighter wires.
Precision grooves ensure accurate bending & closing of loops.

  • Sterilizable: Yes
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Re-usable: Yes

As an orthodontist your day is full of stress schedules. For you every patient is special and you tend to style the smile of each and every patient very carefully. In such, Ortho Class presents you The Best Class Orthodontists Instruments that provides better treatment, less fatigue and more patient serving opportunities.

Ortho Class Jarabak Plier is a good choice for precise bending of light wires. It is s versatile light wire bending pliers with fine serrations on the flat beak provide non-slip control of the wire and is design for working with round wires of diameter up to .020″ or .508 in mm. Three precision grooves ensure accurate bending & closing of loops and ensures a no-slip grip.

Ortho Class’s Best Class jarabak plier has been design and manufactured with extra attention to details and special blended stainless steel that assures enhanced performance and longevity. The care and precision that goes hand to hand into each and every instrument ensuring guaranteed best class of quality, performance, reliability and durability. Its outstanding ergonomic design provide optimum handling and confidence to practitioner and patient.

As because this jarabak plier is made out of special blended stainless steel and harden by specialized hardening treatment that results in guarantee improvement of the mechanical properties of steel as well as provides increase level of toughness that make plier more stronger, more durable and empower to withstand against marks to tips from rigorous wire bends.

To be sure tips stays aligned durable rivet joint locking system is in place which ensures smooth effort less loop bending and eliminate the chances of joint failures. Furthermore shinny smooth finish minimizes the chances of corrosion.

In fact manufacturing process of Best Class jarabak plier is based on systematic planning and consistent monitoring process, as a result our pliers lasts long and are way beyond in performance, retain the beauty after repeated sterilizations and of course you change instrument less frequently than competitors product due to best materials used.

Furthermore Best Class Quality jarabak plier is hand tested on the same wires you would use before its packed by professional orthodontics assistant so the only quality test pass product reach you because Your Satisfaction is our Priority.

In brief its a true niche plier that gives your patients relaxed treatment, satisfies practitioners and end up in giving less time consuming procedures which ultimately produces more patients serving opportunity for you.

Jarabak Plier Key Features:

  • Made of 400 grade high quality forged special blended stainless steel.
  • Optimum heat treated stainless steel ensures enhanced light wire pliers bending performance.
  • Durable rivet joint construction that does not wobble and instrument tips stay aligned and perform smooth stress free actions even after continuous use.
  • Contoured joint edges for safety.
  • Luster polished till fine grade for excellent mirror finish which resists corrosion, gives extra life and retains the beauty even after repeated sterilizations.
  • Easy instrument care, All standard sterilization procedures are applicable.
  • Improve procedural time.

Jarabak Plier Details:

  • Joint: Rivet / Lap
  • Finish: Shinny
  • Length: 130mm / 5″
  • Weight: 40Grams
  • Beak Profile: One round and one square beak with three grooves.
  • Groove Size:
  • Max Capacity: Light wire of diameter up to .020″ or 0.508 in mm.

Laser Engraved with:

  • Applicable wire size.
  • Material indication mark (Stainless Steel).
  • CE symbol for CE registration confirmation.
  • Brand Logo.
  • Article number.


Ortho Class jarabak plier cover lifetime warranty against defects in materials, workmanship and guarantees against breakage, joint failure and corrosion under normal use. *Further details on warranty are available on warranty tab.

Better Pricing than competitors.

Besides above all we do care about the value. The Best Class Light Wire Pliers with groove are offer on the best price.

RELIABLE DURABLE ECONOMICAL briefly True Niche Orthodontics Pliers.

What others are still talking about; We are delivering.


The jarabak plier comes in a beautiful designed, heat sealed box packing to ensure product safety.

Packing contains 1 piece. *Picture of packing can be seen above.

*The product is medical grade ultrasonic cleaned and non sterile. Please inspect and sterilize before using. Clean, sterilize and lubricate after each and every use. (Download care and maintenance brochure)


This niche product is being SHIP FREE without charging any extra cost.


Plier with similar features is also available with Tungsten Carbide (TC) inserts. TC inserts make beaks extremely tough and give more grip on the wire and makes bending more easy. Refer special instruments catalog art no. OC 2012 TC

Also available in non groove version.

More options:

Furthermore customers can buy light wire plier with groove in Box Joint and L-Key Joint types.

Complete Customization:

Ortho Class as a manufacturer of best class orthodontics instruments offer complete freedom of customization to customers. Our expertise are not limit to few presets of our own choice. We give you the freedom to style the product the way you want in. We offer 8 different handle design, 3 finishes, complete branding and multiple packing options. *More information on ordering and customizing products.

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